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                去模糊大师Piccure+Plus 汉化版 鸭脖棋牌视频汉化版

                发表于 2015-6-24 13:04:29 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式

                6 L) W0 }3 i" M( l) D$ ~$ |
                ( ~$ ~% V! J; r( k5 w% y7 c: p- P  }$ T: ?
                去模糊大师Piccure+Plus 汉化版 鸭脖棋牌视频汉化版

                8 s+ @) M' a' A" f% {. y: \0 N

                # t' V. w7 r; J0 g! e0 o) _  M
                0 @0 g8 D+ F* K# @! W% g
                用于Adobe Photoshop的插件,其目的是消除因相机震动而产生的照片模糊,手持拍摄时,或者从一个不正确的照明!工具选择图像的一部分,并使用一些复杂的计算,以确定当你拍摄照片如何相机的晃动,,然后去除模糊
                8 O6 j' i% f7 Q

                7 T' P$ R2 Z% q. q

                " k/ A5 P# u. B. rCorrect optical aberrations like never before. piccure+ is a new software program capable of correcting optical aberrations that cause a lack of sharpness in your images. piccure+ uses a new method that essentially inverts the optical processes that cause images to look blurry. With the help of piccure+, your equipment can now be upgraded with a mouse click. It is equally useful for users of expensive fast lenses as well as more economic zoom lenses. You will often be able to match the sharpness of lenses costing several thousands of dollars with equipment costing a fraction of that amount, and finally get “the crisp” touch with your prime lens wide open. No other solution gives your equipment a similar upgrade.
                - E* R8 d; j( }$ y6 p
                0 e% x$ o+ y4 z  N
                6 P8 e; g6 N) y6 M) o

                2 X) e, C; {1 M0 L$ X  |* a& nCurrently, piccure+ is probably the most advanced tool leveraging the state-of-the-art of the research field of computational photography. Lenses are bound by the laws of optics and lens designers have to strike a difficult balance, trading off conflicting goals such as price, sharpness, speed, and weight of a lens, that can result in suboptimal image quality. By means of computational photography, this can now be overcome. piccure+ helps you when your lens operates at “the edges of it’s design capabilities” and can give you a significant quality improvement. It’s effect will be greatest for large optical aberrations.
                9 _% ]4 ]3 g0 e0 h8 |$ w- M+ q
                2 b' ^0 g* M+ D, [; Ypiccure+ complements your existing toolset4 d- P+ e  U4 g2 U. h- L3 Q
                It may appear that piccure+ aims to replace your Adobe® Lightroom®, DxO Optics Pro® or Adobe® Photoshop® software solution – since all promise a lens correction module. But be reassured: this is not the case. piccure+ has different strengths and it is entirely complementary to the mentioned tools. Even better: it seamlessly integrates into your existing software landscape. 5 @, |4 n* W* Z# U0 d  y3 g

                * w$ v4 W1 b* N* W6 cUnlike most investments in photography, this investment will not render your current equipment obsolete. In fact, the opposite is the case. All your lenses and images will receive a significant upgrade easily that could be worth several thousand dollars. Our software supports every camera and lens because it does not rely on any lens profiles.2 P! x  {# b) t( z6 ?% f/ b
                7 F7 i" O( a0 y* b* [/ y
                piccure+ works by automatically determining a virtual lens without optical aberrations and reversing the effect—thus recovering the image without all the lens softness and chromatic aberrations. piccure+ diminishes the quality differences between lenses and significantly increases image sharpness.6 l5 x0 h4 F6 @* S. s# F
                8 M& z# x% t1 L$ H
                With piccure+ you can benefit from the ignorance of an entire industry.
                ' f9 u6 `  Q) pThe big lens manufacturers still design their lenses with the same paradigms they used in the analogue era twenty-five years ago. However, most optical flaws can now be corrected through software for free without the need for expensive designs or materials. So why not look at some sample pictures and see what is possible today. You may soon realize that it has never been easier to upgrade your equipment.
                  z. f# s' R; z/ P
                % @/ a" ~- P/ BDon’t let physics ruin your image composition
                + `0 p/ N6 l; z  d1 v. KA better image composition can cost up to 30% of actual sharpness as lens sharpness quickly deteriorates towards the edges at fast apertures. Many photographers may not be aware, that when following the “rule of thirds” their equipment may only deliver 70% of its sharpness at the power points at open aperture. A better image composition thus also means a quality tradeoff at fast apertures. piccure+ can correct the optical aberrations causing the loss in sharpness and improve image sharpness by up to 30%.! u. C8 M5 [$ f+ _% C

                ) v1 |7 R" [  H' FCorrect optical flaws; l! Z7 g9 v# ?: n4 m
                The Lens+ engine determines a "virtual lens" for each image: the optically flawless version of your lens used and reverses the effects of lens softness and chromatic aberrations. With sophisticated deconvolution routines as used by military and space agencies significantly better images can be achieved.
                , W1 S% s( _# L/ g7 C
                # B* ?+ R: e( W# JCorrect camera shake+ h; ?) r' W) r( P5 h: `
                The Motion+ engine is the further improved version of the world's first commercial camera shake reduction functionality. It can not only correct medium and severe camera shakes, but even detect and reverse micro-shakes and thus improve image sharpness drastically.3 s% g- M: `# Z( S, A' {+ z$ z
                / l' k# R, g/ f# x% Y* h
                Developed for professionals$ h% V/ a! Z9 u) i! }
                piccure+ was developed and optimized for professionals: it works as a standalone with full RAW support or integrates as a plugin for Adobe® Photoshop®, Lightroom® and Photoshop® Elements. Action scripting is supported, just like ICC color profiles (e.g. ProPhotoRGB). A powerful denoising routine will further improve the quality of the result. You will not need to adjust your workflow - piccure+ integrates seamlessly. : W! ?1 p' u; i

                ' [% d7 h0 H4 X, ?# S+ v. qEasy to use, different and yet powerful
                0 t9 K3 j, f0 r1 h% `$ j2 ~piccure+ has an easy-to-use interface, so you do not need a degree in computer science to get the most out of your images. piccure+ is different. Many classical sharpening tools try to create fake sharpness by increasing contrast or simply applying un-sharping masks. The images appear sharper but the truth is, image information is irrecoverably destroyed. piccure+ does not try to deceive you. It estimates the amount of image degradation caused by optical flaws or camera movement and reverses those effects through sophisticated de-convolution algorithms. Some other programs rely on predefined lens profiles that have little to do with your actual equipment. Would you spend money on having your hair cut based on some predefined profile? No? The same advice goes for lenses.
                * @$ a' p& S) [/ H. V4 c0 ?: Q( n- A* s' ^5 e* E* {
                Adobe®, Photoshop®,Photoshop® Elements and Lightroom® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries., a7 ?: [& T3 v$ {' D
                --------------------------( `8 t; [) t; k- w( y
                鸭脖娱乐下载( q0 W* c' H9 P5 ^' |( q

                " P7 y% p; f; E* S% g& @4 m0 x) F' h$ S% n6 S% [% _4 w8 Q) x

                0 x0 j- z( z5 Q4 L! c
                : d% z' L; ]# Z8 j0 i$ `5 ]

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