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                顶级胶片调色软件 Alien Skin Exposure X2 汉化版 X2 Revision 37053

                发表于 2016-9-15 10:49:26 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
                Alien Skin Exposure X2 汉化版  
       Revision 37053 (x64)

                4 l( w" a- r: n. r) e) C5 |( ~多年来,Exposure已成长为一个解决方案,为您的整个摄影工作流程。让摄影师们后期调色带来的不少的便捷4 k* A* r, h% H8 h
                5 v$ Y/ g6 j+ b
                在新的版本Exposure X2中新功能增加了污点修复,快速去除分散元素,如皮肤瑕疵的照片修饰,而无需切换到另一个应用程序中修饰直接在Exposure X2 中即可完成
                . d" L& ]% T+ a- s5 v- L------------------------------
                " l5 t6 D* x$ x1 Q8 t2 K几年来我一直盯着这个公司没放一跟新出来我就会给他破解汉化掉( g5 ~& d5 F3 N8 P( i
                5 n- x+ @  _( N9 X8 D4 S喜欢胶片调色的可以随时关注本站的发布信息( d) |* l, S; V  Q

                - @* C$ \% x) e更多关于Alien Skin产品的请加Alien Skin 交流QQ群 251170909( S# I" L3 [' H/ W" t; `$ l
                QQ图片20160919182323.jpg QQ图片20160919182331.jpg QQ图片20160919182335.jpg ) K4 U6 ]7 i6 d: N8 t; X( L/ G) \! W* Z
                ' S; t4 `4 e6 ]/ X1 J, V# d) w
                For over a decade, Exposure has been the go-to solution for digital photographers seeking a smarter, faster way to create stunning images. Exposure X2 continues this tradition, and is the follow-up to the award-winning Exposure X.7 x2 I+ O. ?1 C- e: z

                & T4 u1 n8 U5 p& i2 PYou won’t find unnecessary complications like catalogs, imports, or separate user modules. Instead, Exposure streamlines your workflow, making it easy for you to organize your photos and transform them into beautiful works of art. It’s flexible enough to adapt to different workflows, too. Use it as your complete solution or as a creative editing plug-in with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.
                $ _3 J$ Q+ V; A0 [9 B( o' u+ B7 d2 O5 }
                Creativity' J4 s/ y) H. h6 _+ ^
                Exposure offers the creative tools you need to create your masterpiece. Its library of carefully-curated styles spans the history of film and beyond. Use these presets to bring warmth and character to your images. Browse them for inspiration, then apply the one that best evokes your chosen mood.7 J; I  J  B) U9 I& H6 E! l

                % j# z. e; u5 a7 w+ `Make essential adjustments like exposure, sharpening, color toning, and more. Retouch images using the spot heal and brush tool. Then use advanced tools like bokeh, overlays, grain, and vignettes to bring your creative vision to life. The Exposure Bundle features natural media tools, so you can transform your photos into realistic oil paintings, watercolors, and more.7 _. P9 Z3 p/ v% N% H- C

                ' Y1 U+ y5 K5 d* _! C: r; \" `( ySimplicity
                7 b; J) S$ u; N& V5 N: }" \4 a2 E7 @Exposure keeps you in the creative editing zone. It’s streamlined and intuitive, so you avoid burdensome steps like catalogs or imports. Your entire workflow becomes easier and faster. There’s no switching back and forth between separate user modules ‒ simply navigate to your images and begin working.
                ) ?" ^8 p. f7 u3 q) \: U+ r1 \
                ! K# E% j5 j4 e7 x6 [& g5 pThe intuitive user interface puts all the tools you need on screen. You can preview multiple looks simultaneously, then quickly choose your favorite and apply it with a single click. Exposure has all the creative tools you need, so you don’t have to cobble together multiple applications to create beautiful images.
                3 l  n- o* @, b: w2 k
                2 r: d( O1 ^" s: D. z( P! KFlexibility8 O/ z5 B$ S9 d! T2 ?9 s! W1 v& J
                Exposure is flexible enough to handle any photography workflow. It supports a variety of file types (RAW, DNG, JPEG, TIFF, PSD), DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and lenses. Exposure’s speed helps you cruise through your tasks. Large RAW files and extensive editing actions won’t slow Exposure down. Cloud storage support lets you sync files between computers and collaborate with others.
                6 r+ w: R0 T6 Q1 V. S7 I) G: [. H2 m% ?
                Exposure’s filtering, selection, and search tools help you stay organized. Improve your efficiency by creating presets for many common tasks like color filters, brushes, file settings, and file naming. You can customize the user interface, and view images in a full-screen preview or on a second monitor. Advanced image resizing tools in the Exposure Bundle let you enlarge your images while keeping them crystal clear.* a. W& m. |* ^( U$ V! e
                " V4 W; z6 r, l$ r. W7 R: H* L9 f/ A
                What's New in Alien Skin Exposure X2:' B& W* l, q8 `! k
                9 j* D: o7 U. L$ h* B9 v
                Complete Photo Manager
                ! G+ ^+ G! T: z( T. n2 y- W6 ]. e
                - }  B( O4 V& b( _/ m•        File and folder operations (copy, move, rename, delete)2 J, e0 [8 }' s# @0 M1 @
                •        Flags/Stars/Colors for organizing and culling
                ( k$ [" v0 [( N•        Filtering and filter presets to see only the photos you are interested in
                " y* ^$ ?1 [) e" ^$ Y0 k) e+ g•        new Drag files to Apple Finder or Windows Explorer to copy or move them* H# e" f$ I7 c
                •        Drag an image or folder onto Exposure to visit that folder and create a bookmark
                ; }! E; t9 w+ G( c•        Metadata display in the thumbnails, preview, and panel
                0 z& C% W5 ^8 [2 }1 ~) y$ _•        Batch file renaming
                ' T2 y) E$ |0 |! R•        new Adjust capture time% Y" Y8 T/ L! w& `8 |
                •        new Full text search to find images by a variety of criteria$ H3 n2 Y& [$ X
                •        new Enhanced selection and sorting options: v/ Q$ p( h; y& R$ z2 |/ q+ ~
                •        new Enhanced export options (file type, resizing, and renaming)
                * n* j: f6 p4 i% a/ H$ C4 I•        new Ability to create and manage workflow presets (import, export, categorize, rename, and more)) }' r5 d/ a% f0 r
                - u7 c0 U) _5 C) {$ q: L. ?
                Support for a variety of DSLR and mirrorless cameras" z5 t- `$ s' b% p/ L- {
                • NEW Lens distortion correction for a variety of popular lenses. m4 x3 h1 Y- I" K% L
                • Supports a variety of file types (RAW, TIFF, JPEG, DNG)
                8 G" f0 r- [3 W
                # ^  m( G. n, R1 a% A5 l3 c4 D  DNEW PSD support
                . p* {) X, ^) E•        Browse thumbnails for Photoshop files, U# e& C& m4 _7 y' v8 {( G% H5 b, u! {
                •        Add Exposure effects to Photoshop composites
                4 u4 H2 E# `* D( Q5 T) x3 W6 M2 N•        Launch Photoshop directly from Exposure
                ) V$ q, M1 k4 \5 Q( S* P3 i/ a9 f
                Non-destructive editing
                $ S8 }- i7 I& V& j/ ^/ m0 x( Z* D8 {4 s2 L
                Catalog-free workflow8 c7 a3 k! G% `- _( v
                •        No need to import images1 }! g1 P0 b+ h. R" h% T
                •        Easy moving of images between computers or external storage6 f; L, n4 V* g9 b. S
                •        Easy backup" B( w0 `0 |4 F" e. K' W2 ^7 O
                •        Cloud syncing to easily work from multiple computers or collaborate0 q/ O; s. W* O7 A- L' c8 @
                % o+ J+ U' Q3 G! }! N% `% A( v9 h
                Copy from card
                , [1 Q8 a) c: I. R% Z4 x' x•        Copy from multiple cards at once
                ' f7 k( J" I4 ^- k: y•        Work on other things while copy happens in background8 B3 w$ n9 n" d4 d1 i* S$ W
                Send a photo to an external editor and then bring back the results2 c8 G( z2 B" B# x6 X
                ' m- r9 f( Q' ~) _. p
                0 \8 U4 `8 D. W1 Y# ?6 X9 ?6 E
                9 A& K, R6 }4 N/ e  q# D5 P1 y$ u* ]Over 500 Gorgeous Presets
                ( I, ]$ y* Y' r: H$ f* y" ~+ O•        Accurate film emulation, spanning the entire history of film photography
                ( A# R, T4 {8 Y•        Subtle, modern portrait films) I7 }1 \6 W- r# `4 Z! p( l
                •        Saturation boost for landscapes+ C7 t0 N7 G1 I8 R
                •        High-contrast black and white
                & H# @1 {1 G7 @# Q+ O/ g•        Vintage looks, such as daguerreotype
                ; J) ]  `3 c! @" Y$ |1 W•        Cinema looks
                ' S0 G" m  u0 w, ~3 L, Y; @- G. l•        Infrared7 m( _. r5 I: D+ o6 P+ K) |- X+ y
                •        new Faded looks for a hazy, dreamy effect
                ' F- g! i) u: w9 _•        Hundreds more beautiful looks% ~" k& N4 G5 b6 F: W  R, V

                % T7 _* S4 s5 j% G; ?+ r6 s$ R. GBasic Effects
                # \4 W" z* E: o- }- m3 r/ ~$ M% s: Z/ l# [" t  ~+ W" z
                Basic operations
                , w) V; W! a, ^. r! a# c) E% B•        Exposure, contrast, saturation, and other common adjustments
                + j. f& o4 T5 K* n& u# v' |•        White balance eyedropper
                2 g# ^2 S, C) d2 S# j•        Temperature and tint controls
                ( p1 h; E: q2 o•        Detail Panel – noise reduction and sharpening: F5 a, s3 o2 `7 @' B
                •        new Adjustable histogram with clipping overlays
                $ E! `$ C" y4 R# t•        new History panel to retrace editing steps and see specific slider values$ I: `# D( K/ J! w) E2 w1 R
                •        Adjustable overall intensity slider to blend effects with original image0 i- A) _, f& R2 h. O0 @$ b" x
                , q/ E9 \, I$ L3 h( O* a: L6 Y/ K6 n3 b
                System Requirements:
                - i* a% C2 j# }( e- K- F3 }- Apple Mac users need OS X Yosemite (10.10) or newer
                . [5 ?* {5 B* U0 x! e/ O- Microsoft Windows users need Windows 8 64-bit or newer) ]# }' w! b. h/ I; t* S- z
                - An Intel Core 2 processor or compatible7 [" T1 p3 x( T1 W, B7 P2 H) d
                - A monitor with 1280×768 resolution or greater
                / R. j5 J. N3 q4 L4 V; h- q. J2 L( y9 ]
                The plug-in requirements are as follows:
                * `9 S2 X3 L( ?7 ]- Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 or newer
                ! J9 ~' L1 ?8 o0 |3 |2 m$ H* E- Adobe Lightroom 6 or Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 or newer
                8 V, I1 R0 L2 ?- V: c3 Y更多关于Alien Skin产品的请加Alien Skin 交流QQ群 251170909
                5 ~  s5 M$ V' D9 F3 m/ j/ D" }8 d1 A4 B2 }& R+ ^, S) w1 A
                X2系列软件版本更新历史7 j/ X1 M0 s/ o5 z9 v
       Revision 34733
                0 ?" i4 a' j8 D6 K8 R4 } Revision 34788
                ( {& ]) t% k$ C2.0.0.380 Revision 349210 \: w0 H9 u0 T0 n' D  }
       Revision 35032' m( O. x' x9 T
       Revision 35085% l- t: r5 ?( k. E. y7 Z
       Revision 35205: H5 {1 A+ F2 v% p4 i
                X2 Revision 35410$ u/ A5 g* G( D% }, X" O
                X2 Revision 36915; M: y  Y" ^. v- f/ i  d7 L' S. z6 n3 y
                X2 Revision 37053' u7 u8 N  `' O( u, s
                (最新)1 z4 g2 T. B, c% i
                ---------------------------------) H  P0 F1 i0 u$ l% n) u3 u9 S7 L

                5 k. L( \5 O' j- ~, w& H2 [试用下载链接://www.zzczlsb.com 密码:77eu5 o4 y* s, I2 z/ M, l7 k1 [
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                Alien Skin Exposure X2 汉化版  
                1 }' Q2 ^0 Y1 @2 BX2 Revision 36915 (x64)
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                顶级胶片调色软件 Alien Skin Exposure X2 汉化版 Revision 35032(x64)
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